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  • NOAA/Google Weather Maps

    When I was a kid, we listened to the local radio station for updates on impending snow storms. Next came storm tracking updates from the local broadcast TV news with updates on the half hour. While at UMF in the early 90’s, one the computer center staff created a program that rendered raw NOAA satellite […]

  • Email to SMS Gateways

    Most major cellular carriers provide an email address for each user that will forward email as a text message to their phone. I have been digging around to find providers local to my area (central Maine) with the idea of creating a SMS prayer list tool. Just so I don’t lose track of these: Alltel […]

  • StumbleUpon Alternatives for Your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

    If your a StumbleUpon addict like myself, chances are, you have gotten “You have seen all your topic here pages. Explore others…” as a result of pecking at the “Stumble!” button like a demented, tic-tac-toe playing chicken. While reviewing more sites can add a little spark back into your stumbles, it’s a bit of a […]

  • Firefox 3.0 is coming! (finally!)

    The folks at have finally pick a release date for Firefox 3.0. As a Ubuntu user, I have been using the betas and release candidates for a while, but, for those not as willing to live on the edge like myself, mark “June 17th” on your calendar as the day to head over to […]

  • 12 Step Program for Ubuntu Update-Manager Addicts

    Hi, my name is Chris. I am Ubuntu update-manager addict. I began innocently enough, sometime back in Febuary, I ran ‘update-manager -d‘ to get a peek at Unbuntu Hardy Heron. Since that time I have been unable to resist the little orange “Updates Available” icon. Checking two or three times a day for improved progams, […]

  • Why your kids should read your blog…

    Or “Requiem for a Sea-Monkey” If you caught my last entry, you would know about the Sea-Monkeys. Yesterday, it came time to add the “Instant Life Eggs” package, and since Dad was busy, my son decided to help out. He read the package, took note of the fact sea-monkeys hatch faster if the tank is […]

  • New Years Resolutions: Life Hacking

    I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I’m not so much against the January 1st resolutions to do better, it’s the January 2nd failure to follow through that I hate. But this year has to be different. The last year has been one of contestant changes and challenges, adding a new member […]

  • Gutsy Gibbon Saved My Marriage!

    “The computer won’t start.” My wife announced from the other room. My wife and kids share an older athlon 2300+ based eMachine for day-to-day computing. There are few things I dread more than at-home tech support issues, the customers can get so cranky and it’s hard to get them off the line in three minutes. […]

  • Reading Through

    I have been praying quite a bit lately about following a chronological reading plan through the bible in one year and blogging it as I go. While the reading isn’t all that intimidating (I have done one-year plans before) all that writing is. I know in the past, I’ve skipped forward, fallen behind, played catch-up, […]

  • Making the Cut on BlogRush

    I added the BlogRush widget to this site a while back. My hits when up, but almost as important, I really liked the quality of the links being associated with om site. I couldn’t help but checkout a few of the links myself (I hope this isn’t against the rules ). I have been following […]