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FaithHack began as a blog to see where increasing my faith would lead me. In time, it lead me to full time ministry as Associate Pastor at RiverRock Christian Fellowship. Walking away from the IT industry and software development I loved might have been tough, but I quickly found that there was a real need for the skills, experience, unique insights I had gained over 25 years of creating great tools and technology solutions in the private sector. That is why Faithhack Innovation Services was created.

Helping You to Help Yourself

After 25+ years of providing solutions to enterprises big and small, one common problem I have seen plague business after business is what I call “vendor lock-in”: Developers, IT people, and software vendors who deploy solutions and software without empowering the client to take full control of their own destiny. To the extent the client is willing to participate, I make it a priority to ensure I have not built “job security” into a project by making it impossible to bring in other vendors, developers or project managers. A project isn’t complete until the client has the  information, training, and confidence to allow them to take as much or as little control of the future of their project as they like, even if that means replacing myself and FIS.

Open Source, Open Standards

Open Source software and Open Standards have been a passion of mine since I first discovered “public domain” software in my early mainframe days.

Since those days, most software and the standards behind it, has gone from an academic pursuit to tightly protected corporate secrets. The cost of licensing or “renting” proprietary software has to be calculated not only in the initial price tag, but in the cost of forced obsolescence and upgrades, technology licensing costs passed along by other software seeking to be compatible, and the cost of limits placed on innovation and data “lock-in”.

Open Source and Open Standards offer a better solution to enterprises looking to get off the treadmill of forced upgrades, complex and fragile “work-arounds” to avoid proprietary APIs and secret data formats. Not only is the initial cost of ownership often lower for OSS, but the long term value of being in full control of your enterprise and data makes being Open worth consideration for your next project.

Pragmatic Innovation

I am, admittedly, a geek. I like technology, cool gadgets and new ways of doing things. But, unlike a lot of geeks, I have a passion for making technology and innovative solutions that work for real people, not just other geeks. I enjoy integrating lo-tech and people oriented solutions with hi-tech automation and systems to best suite the needs of people doing the day-to-day work. This could mean including a simple paper and pencil solution instead of a complex database driven architecture or it could include patient and comprehensive training and support so people can get the most out of a new system or tool.

Real Service

I make no apologies for basing my business interactions on a strong Christian ethic. Not the judgemental, legalistic,  holier-than-thou ethic seem in some “Christian” businesses today, but the ethic that leads to the desire to see others prosper, to serve faithfully and diligently, to be generous with my time and talents, and to do everything with excellence and passion.

While FIS is one of the ways I provide for my family and others around me, I will often take on pro-bona, “free-will offering”, and partnership projects as time and resources allow.

Pricing and Skills

I am skilled in PHP, Ruby, Java , and Javascript programming, CSS3, HTML5, and XHML coding, and am comfortable with a range of web frameworks such as WordPress, Yii, and Ruby on Rails.

I have strong Linux administrative and engineering skills, including desktop and server configuration and administration.

I will work on a per project or hourly basis. Please contact me for details on hourly rate and per project estimates.


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