FaithHack grew out of my desire to discover things for my Christian walk that really worked. Much of the advice I’ve gotten over the years on how to increase my faith and live an authentic, biblical, Christian life have been heavy on theory and light on practical, workable, effective patterns and practices. As much as I appreciate advice like “Pray more and read the scriptures more”, I have discovered within day or two after receiving such sage advice, I haven’t read any more scripture and haven’t prayed a bit longer.  Without some concrete plans and strategies, what should be a heart-felt desire get treated more like wishful thinking.

This place was not created to demonstrate my immense and preeminent wisdom and knowledge for what works and doesn’t work for everyone’s faith walk. At best, I know a few things that have been helpful to me and a few more that have not. My hope is that, in sharing what little I know, others will share an idea or two in return.

With that in mind, if you have read something here that you find helpful, something that really works in your walk with God, I would be greatful to hear about it, and, if you have something that really works for you that you haven’t seen here, I’m anxious to hear more about it!

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