Making the Cut on BlogRush

I added the BlogRush widget to this site a while back. My hits when up, but almost as important, I really liked the quality of the links being associated with om site. I couldn’t help but checkout a few of the links myself (I hope this isn’t against the rules ). I have been following BlogRush’s blog as they are rolling out a bunch of new improvements, with some excitement but a little concern. Inorder to keep the quality of the links up, the BlogRush team have been reviewing allow of the site currently registered by hand, eventually removing over 10,000 blogs from the system. For some reason I thought I might be a candidate for removal since they kept talking about removing “low quality” blogs. With such a subjective metric (at least they weren’t letting on what the criteria was) I could help but worry about my low post rate (really, I plan to post more…), my lack of readership/comments/backlinks (why doesn’t anybody like my blog…), even my grammar (Hey – I am from Maine, after all…) and wonder it I would make the cut.

Well, the waiting is over, they finished the audit yesterday and I can still see my little BlogRush widget. I made the cut! I’m not sure what that means, I don’t plan on letting it go to my head, but it’s nice to know someone looked at my blog and decided it Sucked Less(tm) that at least 10,000 other blogs.

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