Dodging the bullet

While our sysadmins run around trying to save the exchange server from yet another NetSky variant, I can’t help but gloat (just a little ;-) as I connect to out qmail server (we use both) with evolution and wonder what a virus looks like. While I know “pride goeth before the fall” and all that, It’s nice to know, at least this once, I made a good choice when I decided to back Linux. I’ve used Linux as my work, developement, and play desktop almost exclusively since ’98 and, for the most part, it hasn’t let me down. I haven’t alway been able to do all the things my counterparts in the Win32 world can do (et. la. shockwave, directx games) but they rarely can do what I take for granted (loopback file systems, open just about any disk format, tun/tap wizardry, use a real shell, etc, etc, etc…)

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