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  • Selling Soap and Grace

    I was once a member of a pyramid scheme multi-level marketing business ( which will remain unnamed, but rhymes with “Scamway” ), that had a number of little sayings to encourage new members to do what they had to do to succeed. One such saying was “Fake it until you make it!” In other words, […]

  • Indian Giver!

    Indian Giver!

    When I was a kid, “Indian giver” was a spiteful thing that you called someone who gave you something, then, for whatever reason wanted it back, asked for it back, or worse, took it back.  The phrase has pretty much faded from common usage, in large part because of it’s clearly a negative racial stereotype. […]

  • What This Nation Needs is a Return to God’s Law!

    What This Nation Needs is a Return to God’s Law!

    During every election cycle here in the U.S. there are always evangelists and Christian leaders pounding the pulpit and declaring the need for America to return to obedience to God and His Righteous Law. Great! But what would that look like? Well, dinner would have to change… No more bacon – or ham sandwiches, Easter ham, stuffed pork […]

  • Why ya’ got to be Predictin’?

    Why ya’ got to be Predictin’?

    The Blood Moons tetrad has come and gone and we are still here. While Hagee apologists are now saying that he only predicted “something” would happen “around” the time of the tetrad, Mark Biltz, who provided most of the source research for Hagee’s slick DVD and posters, made clear predictions that the 7 year tribulation began […]

  • Tackling the Fallacy of the Fragile Gospel

    Tackling the Fallacy of the Fragile Gospel

    I have the opportunity to share something from God’s Word and His heart on the first Sunday of every month. It may not seem like the best situation for doing a series, but I’ve really felt the urge to cover an entire book of the Bible, cover-to-cover. So, for the next 10 months, I’m walking […]

  • Being the Bag Man

    Being the Bag Man

    One of the most humbling things that ever happened to me as a new Christian was coming home one day to find several full bags of groceries on my front porch. Bread, milk, eggs, peanut butter and much more. I was newly married, both of us working part-time. Me as a farmhand, her as a […]

  • Welcome to FaithHack!

    We are just getting out act together, so please ignore the mess! The look and feel is likely to change and our plan is to add a number of useful WordPress plugins and tools to make this site very easy to use and benefit from. The main idea behind FaithHack is to bring together some […]