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  • StumbleUpon Alternatives for Your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

    If your a StumbleUpon addict like myself, chances are, you have gotten “You have seen all your topic here pages. Explore others…” as a result of pecking at the “Stumble!” button like a demented, tic-tac-toe playing chicken. While reviewing more sites can add a little spark back into your stumbles, it’s a bit of a […]

  • Dugg up – When old blog posts come back from the Dead

    I am on the tail end of the effects of appearing on the front page of Digg. I hadn’t posted in a while (major new job, new church building, new home group, etc., etc.) so I was a bit off guard when I got an email from my shared hosting company, saying they had disabled […]

  • 6 Tools for Keeping Kids Safe with Open Source

    My family uses open source software almost exclusively. Everyone from the toddlers to the teen to the Mrs. have what they need to play games, chat with friends, manager emails, surf the web, keep busy schedules straight, do homeschooling, and pretty much anything they may want to do.

  • What I Learned using Linux over the last 10 years

    I started using Linux as my primary desktop and operating system in 1998. After brief flirtations with FVWM 95 and Enlightenment, I settle on Gnome (with it’s various WMs over the years ) and Redhat/Fedora (until switching to Ubuntu last fall ).

  • Uhhh… the sea monkeys have my money…

    The last vestiges of my childhood sense of wonder have just died. The have become road-kill on the information superhighway under the wheels of Wikipedia. Let me explain… My daughter just received a box of Sea-Monkeys for her birthday. The world became a bit wavy as I flashed back to my childhood. Memories of waiting […]

  • New Years Resolutions: Life Hacking

    I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I’m not so much against the January 1st resolutions to do better, it’s the January 2nd failure to follow through that I hate. But this year has to be different. The last year has been one of contestant changes and challenges, adding a new member […]

  • Divorce is Predictable: Do the Math

    While this is a WebMD article, Math May Tell Which Marriages Last, about a book, The Mathematics of Marriage: Dynamic Nonlinear Models, written in 2002, the message is timeless: marriage is about the connection of two people being made one. According to the research, success or failure of a marriage can be predicted with a […]

  • Hearing God’s Voice – From the Beginning

    Our cell group has begun the ten week series from Mark Virkler and Communion with God Ministries, How to Hear God’s Voice! It’s based on four, simple principles or keys: Still yourself down, Fix your eyes on Jesus, tune to spontaneity, and write. I couldn’t help be reminded of the Kim Hill song, Be Still […]

  • The Expanding Web

    I’ve realized I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to web surfing lately.

  • Tinker-itis

    I gave my 91Courtstreet WebGUI template tinker-itis so I’m taking it as a sign that I can play with some other tools