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  • Hearing God’s Voice – From the Beginning

    Our cell group has begun the ten week series from Mark Virkler and Communion with God Ministries, How to Hear God’s Voice! It’s based on four, simple principles or keys: Still yourself down, Fix your eyes on Jesus, tune to spontaneity, and write. I couldn’t help be reminded of the Kim Hill song, Be Still […]

  • OpenWorship project

    After searching for a suitable worship slide system for our church, I decided to write my own using the S5 presentation software and Ruby on Rails. Check it out at the OpenWorship project site. It’s still early, but I can build a presentation (using rails scaffolding) and display it, so thats a start.

  • New England Cell Conference

    Just got back from the New England Cell Conference with author Joel Comiskey. A cell church is a body made up of many smaller groups for “evangelism, community, and discipleship with the goal of multiplication” of the cell or group. The conference was very fast paced and most of us left with our head spinning […]