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  • NOAA/Google Weather Maps

    When I was a kid, we listened to the local radio station for updates on impending snow storms. Next came storm tracking updates from the local broadcast TV news with updates on the half hour. While at UMF in the early 90’s, one the computer center staff created a program that rendered raw NOAA satellite […]

  • Email to SMS Gateways

    Most major cellular carriers provide an email address for each user that will forward email as a text message to their phone. I have been digging around to find providers local to my area (central Maine) with the idea of creating a SMS prayer list tool. Just so I don’t lose track of these: Alltel […]

  • StumbleUpon Alternatives for Your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

    If your a StumbleUpon addict like myself, chances are, you have gotten “You have seen all your topic here pages. Explore others…” as a result of pecking at the “Stumble!” button like a demented, tic-tac-toe playing chicken. While reviewing more sites can add a little spark back into your stumbles, it’s a bit of a […]

  • Dugg up – When old blog posts come back from the Dead

    I am on the tail end of the effects of appearing on the front page of Digg. I hadn’t posted in a while (major new job, new church building, new home group, etc., etc.) so I was a bit off guard when I got an email from my shared hosting company, saying they had disabled […]

  • New Look – Please excuse the mess…

    I finally decided to do something about the 150K background image and lighten up the site overall. I hope things run a little faster and are a little easier to read. So please excuse the mess while I re-create a few pages and clean up some little odds and ends.

  • Divorce is Predictable: Do the Math

    While this is a WebMD article, Math May Tell Which Marriages Last, about a book, The Mathematics of Marriage: Dynamic Nonlinear Models, written in 2002, the message is timeless: marriage is about the connection of two people being made one. According to the research, success or failure of a marriage can be predicted with a […]

  • New Family Member!

    We are proud to anouce that we are the parents of new new, bouncing baby… beetle!