Sing a New Song – Really Loud!

I was stumbling some blogs (ouch! I seem to have a bad buzz word infection!) and ran across this this of 12 Ways to turn a bad day into a better one. There is some good advice near, but the one I focused in one was:

3. Sing in your car.

And sing as loud as you can. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to frown while you are singing?

I had to laugh. It’s not a secret that I am among the ranks of the harmonically challenged. I am also called to serve in a fellowship that has a talented worship team and a strong focus on musical worship. Now, nobody has an expectation that everyone be on key, we all know that the focus of our worship is to bring a sacrifice before the King of kings, a sacrifice of our praise, our hearts, and our lives. But… there is something to be said for not sounding like a crow entering adolescence.

With that in mind, I have been changing my drive-time listening habits from preaching/teaching radio to worship and contemporary Christian music. So, if you pass a blue VW Bug blaring out a mix of Third Day and a tom cat in pain, it’s just me, giving God what I have, if not what He deserves.


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