Sing a New Song

If you have an iPod or other personal media player, I bet it is stuffed full of good music, Christian and otherwise. I found a pretty cool project called Scripture Release that has taken a number of scriptures verses recommended by the Navigators Topical Memory System and put them to music. A plus for me is that some of the songs are performed by Kim Hill, whom I have been a fan of for a long time. The basic idea is that music and song have a way of fixing God’s word in our hearts better than just about any other method.

Since it’s not likely the musical style of the Scripture Release tracks will appeal to everyone, I want to hear about any songs that accurately recite scriptures – songs that, when you hear the tune, the scripture automatically comes to mind.


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  1. Chris –
    I found this page searching for new articles on SR!. I am the guy that God used to write the songs for the project. I am SO encouraged when I come across someone that has been blessed.
    We are getting a load of visitors from across the world. I think that SR! is being used to learn English!! Great idea!
    I am working on a Powerpoint type presentation of these 24 songs that could be used in churches, etc. I appreciate your prayers.
    Waiting in His wings,
    Dave Cook
    Scripture Release!

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