Penciling in God

There is one for those datebook/daytimer fans out there. To start with, check out D*I*Y Planner It is a great site with lots of good advice on getting and staying organized. One of the coolest parts ( for you daytimer fans, anyway ) are the amazingly useful and attractive D*I*Y Planner datebook insert templates as well as the dozens of community submitted templates. If you’re the creative type, there are component pieces available to help you create your own daytimer pages when the available one’s don’t quite fit the need.

Now that you know the best place to get datebook fillers, take a moment to pencil God in to your schedule. Add worship services, small groups meetings, and any other faith-based activities you participate in. Then carve out some regular time for prayer, devotionals, and personal bible study time and add them to your datebook as well. The point is to make God a first-class priority in your schedule. It’s easy to say God is a priority, but a quick look at our schedules often prove otherwise. A great side-effect of actually blocking out the time, it that it is less likely you will schedule other activities over your God time.

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