Junk-mail for Jesus!

Does your letter carrier come to your house with a wheel barrow full of credit card offers, used car flyers, Buy-one-get-one-free pizza postcards, and StuffMart sales ads? Since you have to sort through the pile so you don’t accidentally throw out the phone bill, when not get some junk-mail with a message that encourages your faith?

We get a number of catalogs, ministry newsletters, and Christian business fliers in the mail each month that one member of the family or another has signed up for or ordered product from over the years. So, now sorting junk mail not only includes the latest bargains in flat-screen TV’s and laundry soap, but also the current hot releases in Christians music, books and movies, as well as what is happening in ministry in Southeast Asia.

There are tons of sites on the web where you can signup for catalogs and newsletters, for example signup for for the Christian Book Distributors catalog online and get great ideas for books and movies.

One newsletter we get that I tend to read cover-to-cover is from Voice of the Martyrs

If you already get catalogs and newsletters that you enjoy, please share – especially ones that can be easily signed-up for over the web.

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