Post-it Prayers

During a small group meeting a year or so ago, the topic of conversation turned to 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “pray without ceasing” and how one goes about doing that. The problem with trying to remember to do something, such as praying, is it that, once you forget, it’s lost until something brings it to mind again.

While sitting at my less-that-tidy desk the next day, I hit on an idea. I bought a pack of the little Post-it Notes and flipped thought them, writing just the word “Now!” on each little page. Then I divided the stack in to smaller stacks of 8-10 Post-Its and handed them out at the next group meeting with suggestions to stick a note some place where you will see it often; on a mirror, a car dashboard,  a refrigerator door. Then, whenever you see that word, “Now!“, take a minute or two to pray.

It has been a year, and I still spot the “Now!” Post-It by my desk and take a moment to Praise His name or ask Him for a little wisdom or grace for the task at hand. A more interesting side-effect has been with the long gone Post-It that was on the dashboard of my car. Even though the reminder is gone, the habit remains and my little VW Bug has become a house of prayer! Whenever I’m driving back and forth to work or off on an errand, I find myself talking to God.

In a recent post for another blog I have, I posted a picture of my desk and, if you look carefully, you can see my little, yellow reminder, calling me to prayer.


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  1. LOVE the sticky note idea :) I find as I mature in my faith that I have conversations with God multiple times a day – everyday. Sometimes it is just a few words and other times it is more involved :) Great blog!

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