Fifteen Blogs in Fifteen Days (sort of…)

Monday I finished the 15th blog entry in our ReadingThru project, covering the first 11 chapters in Genesis and finishing off the 42 chapters of Book of Job. My pastor is taking the next week and has done a great job with his first couple of entries here and here. At first I thought it would be nice to get a break from the writing and just get to read, but after a couple of days I miss it – to the point where I have seriously considered adding a couple of entries here to cover the next chunk of Genesis.

When I first thought of ReadingThru, I thought it was a novel idea, but nothing is new under the sun (or at least withing Google’s reach) and I found the excellent One Year Bible blog,, which has archive entries from as far back as Sept. 2004! Their entry for the 17th is full of images and a YouTube video – very cool.

The downside 15 blog entries in fifteen days is WaggleDance has been neglected (a bit). Elim has started to see an influx of geeks, so I hope to post some reviews of open source software useful for Christians and Churches.


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