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6 Tools for Keeping Kids Safe with Open Source

My family uses open source software almost exclusively. Everyone from the toddlers to the teen to the Mrs. have what they need to play games, chat with friends, manager emails, surf the web, keep busy schedules straight, do homeschooling, and … Continue reading

31. January 2008 by Chris
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What I Learned using Linux over the last 10 years

I started using Linux as my primary desktop and operating system in 1998. After brief flirtations with FVWM 95 and Enlightenment, I settle on Gnome (with it’s various WMs over the years ) and Redhat/Fedora (until switching to Ubuntu last … Continue reading

25. January 2008 by Chris
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Why your kids should read your blog…

Or “Requiem for a Sea-Monkey” If you caught my last entry, you would know about the Sea-Monkeys. Yesterday, it came time to add the “Instant Life Eggs” package, and since Dad was busy, my son decided to help out. He … Continue reading

22. January 2008 by Chris
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Uhhh… the sea monkeys have my money…

The last vestiges of my childhood sense of wonder have just died. The have become road-kill on the information superhighway under the wheels of Wikipedia. Let me explain… My daughter just received a box of Sea-Monkeys for her birthday. The … Continue reading

19. January 2008 by Chris
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Fifteen Blogs in Fifteen Days (sort of…)

Monday I finished the 15th blog entry in our ReadingThru project, covering the first 11 chapters in Genesis and finishing off the 42 chapters of Book of Job. My pastor is taking the next week and has done a great … Continue reading

17. January 2008 by Chris
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