Attack of the Princesses!

Myself and my oldest son where promptly kicked out of the house last night as a steady stream of reagally dressed teen, pre-teen, and pint sized princesses arrived to celibrate my 8 year old daugther’s birthday. As the guy’s-night-out, we ate a ton chinesse food wne went to see The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.
What is it that attracts our girls’ to the life of a Princess or our boys’ to the mission of a hero with magical powers meant to save the world? Is it cultural or is the desire to be special build into each of us by our Creator? He sees each of us as special, unique individuals, knowing the number of the hairs on our head. In the absence of the revelation that He sees us each as princes and princesses, sons and daughters of the King, heros and warriors in His service tasked with bringing light to a dark world, we attempt to fill that built-in need with dreams of Harry Potter and Cinderella.

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