Hearing God’s Voice – From the Beginning

Our cell group has begun the ten week series from Mark Virkler and Communion with God Ministries, How to Hear God’s Voice!
It’s based on four, simple principles or keys:

  1. Still yourself down,
  2. Fix your eyes on Jesus,
  3. tune to spontaneity,
  4. and write.

I couldn’t help be reminded of the Kim Hill song, Be Still and Know, based on first part of Psalms 46:10:
Be still, and know that I am God . . .

I have been hearing it pretty regularly when things get crazy or frustrating, I feel the need to remind myself that “God is in charge”, not me, and to take a moment to let Him know that I had forgotten that fact for a while, but I remember now . . .

And I hear that phrase like a little voice, like a tune had just played on the radio, but still lingers:

Be still and know that He is God, be still and know.

It seems a bit strange to consider that the Creator of Everything would speak to my heart in a small, still voice. Maybe a big. booming voice, or better yet, as a message passed on through someone more qualified to speak to the All Mighty. But, then again, His word says that, by my faith, I am in Christ Jesus, and that His Holy Spirit is in me, so I am surround, inside and out by two-thirds of the what is God.

I remember seeing, someplace, how shepherds, when a lamb died, would skin it and wrap a lamb that had been rejected or orphaned in the skin. That way, the mother of the dead lamb would see the orphan as it’s own and allow it to nurse. When the camouflaged lamb had fed for a while, the mother’s milk would have altered it’s smell enough for the mother to accept it as it own, and the skin wouldn’t be needed any longer.

I think God’s relationship with us is something like that: It is only by accepting the atoning death of His Son, by being in Christ, that God can allow us in His presence and it is by the Holy Spirit in us, that we can hear His responses back to us. Perhaps the metaphor breaks down a bit at the casting off of the old lamb skin, for we want to continually abide in Him, in Christ, but I think I get it.


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