Happy Halloween!

Just sitting here on my front steps, handing out candy to the hordes of ghouls, ghosts, witches, faeries, and princesses. I’ve noted two small, but significant differences this year:
One is the number of firefighter costumes, it’s good that the firefighters and police officers have regained some of the respect in the hearts and minds of kids, where is had dwindled away over the years, being replaced by the products of the Hollywood-hype machine and WWF-like side shows.
The second thing is the comments I’ve gotten about my Bush/Cheney signs by kids. While they where evenly split, like “Bush, Boo!” and a “My dad’s voting for Bush!”, They were comments from kids. While I would normally enjoy seeing them take an interest in their leaders and the process of selecting those leaders, it’s seems many kids are coming away from kitchen tables of the neighborhood with only a disdain for one candidate or the other, without knowing any of the issues, or what distinguishes one from the other. Probably, not unlike their parents…
I guess the score is: Firemen, 1 – Politicians, 0.

31. October 2004 by Chris
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