If a blog falls in the woods and nobody backlinks it, does it make a sound?

I’ve always said (to myself, anyway) that it didn’t matter if anyone read my blog or even visited my site. So, why was I so happy when a couple of folks posted comments to some old entries?! Of course, they were people who know me personally, so knew where to find my site, but hey, it’s a hit. I didn’t think much about it until today when I was playing with a Gnome applet/toy called Blogfish – a little eye-candy applet that puts your blog and comments out into an ocean of memes, where other users vote to keep or cull your “fish” from the school.

Anyway, I was screening my access logs to see what effect it was having (well… none, really) when I got into searching the whole log for hits, before you know it I was out vanity searching for backlinks on Google! (Also, none) I was a little frustrated, until I noticed I had put a robots.txt file in my site root requesting no search engines index my site. Yes, that’s right, at some point, I must have meant what I said about hits not mattering and decided to proved it by effectively pulling the plug.

At lease I got up the motivation to make a new post, so I guess digital vanity isn’t all bad.

One response to “If a blog falls in the woods and nobody backlinks it, does it make a sound?”

  1. I saw your fish. The little red f***er got away before I could catch him. (The blogfish networking code is still causing a wee bit trouble –
    firewalled mode is not easy. But CVS version should be better.)

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