A year of Groking the Law

Pamela Jones is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Groklaw with an pretty good overview of the SCO vs. the World lawsuit(s) and Groklaw’s unwaivering support of the truth through all of the silliness coming out of Lindon, Utah. I’d like to acknowledge this momentous occasion by standing up and saying, “Hi, my name is Chris, and I am a Groklaw addict.” (everyone respond – “Hi, Chris!”)

I’m not sure when I became an addict, I can’t really remember the first time I read Groklaw, or when it became a “three check-a-day” habit, but I can’t imagine life without this island of sanity in a mad, mad, mad, mad world! Like most addicts, I’ve rode the highs and the lows, felt the jitters when it get’s too long between fixes, tried to quit only to find myself putting the RSS feed on my web site and my Evolution summary. While SCO’s future is looking gloriously bleak, I can see one dark cloud hanging over the inevitable conclusion of the case – Who’s going to sponsor the 12-step program to help us addicts deal with being forced to go cold turkey!?

The good news (well, really, the bad news) is that I doubt that SCO is the last bastion of stupid attempts to stave off the natural evolution of software developement through litigation. OSS has happened, it’s here, and it’s not going away. When the tide is coming in, it’s crazy to ignore it, build a wall against it, take the ocean and moon to court, or try to convince others it’s evil and unconstitutional. It makes far more sense to learn to float, swim, or better yet, get a good surfboard and enjoy the ride!

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