My Favorite OSS Projects

I think most IT types have an open source project or two that they follow. Whether it’s for business, watching for patches and security issues, or for fun, tracking cool enhancements and living on the bleeding edge, it can become a bit of an obsession. I was just checking some of my favs, in auto-pilot surfing mode, when I thought I should list them here, just in case this blogging thing lasts long enough for me to look back and see what I was “in to”. Understand, I’m not saying these projects are better than others, I just happen to be hooked on them …

Fedora Core

I’ve been tracking Core 2 from test 2 on my laptop (I’m currently running test 3) Gnome 2.6 and the 2.6 kernel are running great one this Latitude C840 – I just wish Nvidia would get off the hump and release 4kstack support.

GNOME has been my desktop since somewhere around 0.20. Now I’m using 2.6 and loving it.

Mono .NET sdk
When it I can get it (FC2 repositories can a little thin ATM) I like to keep mono current. I currently have ximian’s 0.91 (1.0 beta 1). While I know about all of the politics, it’s just a blast to watch the OSS community keep pace with a multi-billion dollar monopoly.

This is more of a work thing where we are planning to use the Eclipse 3.x RCP for a project, but I also love using eclipse at home.

This is a pretty cool web content manager, plus it’s written in my first love, perl.

Apache Jakarta
Yes, I know jakarta is really a bunch of projects, but it seems every time I need something for work by way of a java library, a quick dig thought jakarta turns up just what I need.

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