411 on 419

OW! My sides hurt! I ran across this site, www.ebolamonkeyman.com while skimming /. What a riot! If you’ve ever received spam that offers you millions of dollars if you’ll just send your bank account number as a form of ID, or send a few thousand buck so the shipping company will release the documents to you, allowing you access a bank account full of free money, then you’ve hav a brush with a 419 scam. Named after the Nigerian justice code section covering these type of scams, they often originate in some african or middle eastern country.

Well, the folks at EbolaMonkeyMan are having too much fun scamming the scammers, stringing them along with elaborate stories and characters, and getting them to waste thier time and money creating hilarious “identification” photos (which end up on the website). I almost blew a soda out of my nose when I saw the pictures of scammers holding up signs with “names” like Father Will U. Tuchme and Sister Anita Hanchob.

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