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After getting into a discussion about coding styles and conventions, I figured I better get some clearer definitions for mixed case names in code: studly caps – an arbitrary capitalization of letters. sTudLyCapS camel case – run together words with … Continue reading

26. May 2004 by Chris
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MovableType no longer “free enough”

I’m in the process of moving my blog to WordPress from MovableType. While I wish the authors of MT the best of luck with their new pricing model, I have to agree with Mark Pilgrim and his reasons for switching … Continue reading

22. May 2004 by Chris
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Dodging the bullet

While our sysadmins run around trying to save the exchange server from yet another NetSky variant, I can’t help but gloat (just a little ;-) as I connect to out qmail server (we use both) with evolution and wonder what … Continue reading

18. May 2004 by Chris
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A year of Groking the Law

Pamela Jones is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Groklaw with an pretty good overview of the SCO vs. the World lawsuit(s) and Groklaw’s unwaivering support of the truth through all of the silliness coming out of Lindon, Utah. I’d like … Continue reading

16. May 2004 by Chris
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CPU cycle recycling

One of the side effects of being a computer geek seems to be the proliferation of junker computers on the home network. Currently we have 4 machines running pretty much full time and another 3 that get used off and … Continue reading

15. May 2004 by Chris
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My Favorite OSS Projects

I think most IT types have an open source project or two that they follow. Whether it’s for business, watching for patches and security issues, or for fun, tracking cool enhancements and living on the bleeding edge, it can become … Continue reading

10. May 2004 by Chris
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411 on 419

OW! My sides hurt! I ran across this site, while skimming /. What a riot! If you’ve ever received spam that offers you millions of dollars if you’ll just send your bank account number as a form of ID, … Continue reading

04. May 2004 by Chris
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