BloGTK – testing one, two, three

I’ve decided it would be nice to do my blogging in something other than an html/javascript based editor. While this may really be a subconscious attempt on my part to void updating my blog, it’s not working, because it only took me a few minutes to find something and get it installed.

BloGTK is a simple Python/GTK editor that posts through MT xml-rpc interface. And it checks my spelling – whoopie!

I’ve added my Linux Counter emblem to my main page – I can’t believe I signed up almost 5 1/2 years ago (sept 98). I seem to remember it was one of the MeLUG guys that 1st pointed it out to me. Not that my memory is all that great, but I figure it couldn’t have been more than a year or so before that when I installed my 1st linux box. I think it was RedHat 4.2.

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