Indian Giver!

When I was a kid, “Indian giver” was a spiteful thing that you called someone who gave you something, then, for whatever reason wanted it back, asked for it back, or worse, took it back.  The phrase has pretty much faded from common usage, in large part because of it’s clearly a negative racial stereotype.

Recently, I was reading a book by Jim McNeely III, The Romance of Grace, and in his chapter on ‘Gift Cultural’ (chap. 8) he quotes another book,  The Gift by Lewis Hyde. Being me, I found that book and read a little on the origin of the phrase “Indian giver”.

I had assumed, like many stereotypes, the phrase had it’s roots in some singular observations or observations of a small minority of the group being stereotyped. That stereotype was told over and over again to degrade and dehumanize them until it became accepted as descriptive of the group as a whole.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that “Indian giving” wasn’t a false stereotype, but a deeply ingrained cultural value among the some the indigenous peoples encountered by the Puritans.

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12. October 2017 by ChrisJ
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What This Nation Needs is a Return to God’s Law!

During every election cycle here in the U.S. there are always evangelists and Christian leaders pounding the pulpit and declaring the need for America to return to obedience to God and His Righteous Law.

Great! But what would that look like? Well, dinner would have to change…

  1. No more bacon – or ham sandwiches, Easter ham, stuffed pork chops.
  2. No more lobsta’ as we Mainers call it – or jumbo shrimp, Alaskan King Crab, Cajun craw-dad boils, or New England clam bakes.
  3. No more “Surf -n- Turf” because meat and fish can’t be served together on the same plate. Also, no Philly steak sandwiches because the same goes for cooking meat and dairy together.
  4. There are also Laws against eating camels, rock badger, hares, swarming bugs, and vultures, but I’m not as concerned on that account.

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04. September 2017 by ChrisJ
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Why ya’ got to be Predictin’?

The Blood Moons tetrad has come and gone and we are still here.

While Hagee apologists are now saying that he only predicted “something” would happen “around” the time of the tetrad, Mark Biltz, who provided most of the source research for Hagee’s slick DVD and posters, made clear predictions that the 7 year tribulation began in 2008 and would end with Jesus second coming this fall, following the last blood moon.

While I don’t want to spend time pointing out false prophets, I have been wondering about the need in the Church to guess the date and time of Jesus’ return. Hagee and Biltz aren’t the first, and probably won’t be the last to try to win the rapture lottery. I did some shameless cut and paste from Wikipedia. Below are just a few of the names who have tried their hand at guessing the day and the hour that God clearly says no man (or angel!) will know. These are just some of the names I recognized skimming the list: Continue Reading →

06. October 2015 by ChrisJ
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