After getting into a discussion about coding styles and conventions, I figured I better get some clearer definitions for mixed case names in code:

  • studly caps – an arbitrary capitalization of letters. sTudLyCapS
  • camel case – run together words with the first letter of each of the word capitalized. CamelCase
  • lower camel case – like the above camel case, but with the first letter remaining lowercase. lowerCamelCase
  • bicapitalization – studly caps cooped by marketing type to distinguish product names and brands from common usage such as NeXT or DymlerChrysler

Other variations or synonyms include MixedCase, InterCaps, BumpyCase, and HumpBackNotation,

26. May 2004 by Chris
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  1. I always heard that your ‘camel case’ was called ‘polish notation’…

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